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Tina’s Summer Time Adventure Diary

Dear Diary, Tina Here.

It’s been a while since I last wrote. I have to admit and am grateful to say, I have been busy.  Rayme (the blond one) and the Comida Crew have been working me hard.  It is summer after all. And hot!  I am feeling like I may need a pedicure, or some new shoes. Something. Anyway, just to get get a little attention the other day I threw a fit when we got to our LASP stop at CU. (I don’t mean to talk in code, that’s just where we were). My generator shut down and I forced Jovee and Serena to pack me up and call it a day before they even served their first taco. Thankfully Jovee (who I think I may have mentioned…. is the DUDE!) spent about 5 hours lying on the ground underneath me in the rain. Don’t get any fresh ideas. He was just trying to help. It’s really no wonder I needed a little tuneup. We just recently took our  2nd annual trip to Aspen. That is a long, steep drive and hard on me, even with the Dude driving me so well. Everyone had a blast though. We had been hired for 3 evening parties with Young’s Market (a group we served last year for the first time at the Little Red Ski Haus). In addition, we had also been asked to be a part of a Seminar on Top Wines For Tacos with friend Richard Betts. Like an actual seminar, and for Food and Wine. As in… if you aren’t catching my drift, the biggest deal EVER and something this taco truck never thought she’d never be a part of. The crew was beside themselves, and the blond one worried and wondered about how it would go right up until she was singing, out loud, on stage with Richard.  Nothing like a good old fashioned sing along and some Sombra to ease the nerves. But really, from one big pink truck’s perspective, they rocked it. 1000 tacos served in 45 minutes to 200 people. I am proud of them. And I know how grateful they are to the 30 something volunteers from Food and Wine that helped assemble and serve the 200. Thank you doesn’t even begin to cover how our crew felt.

In general though, things have been pretty exciting. We are still waiting for our permit from the city of Boulder to come in the mail. The blond one reckons it will be here any day. With that, Comida will finally be legal, no longer “going rogue” as people liked to call it.  And just because certain folks don’t like what mobile vending is or think it’s unfair will no longer be a good enough reason to call the cops when we  and others pull up downtown (150 feet away from a bricks and mortar restaurant, on private property with the property owner’s permission blah biddy blah blah blah) and serve the people who want us there. It does not go lost on us however that another food truck has stopped it’s roll.  That makes 2 in the city of Boulder in the last year.   I know it makes the Comida crew sad, and maybe even a little scared. I mean honestly, what does it say about the business you have started when the 2 that start after you both stop after 6 months on the road? Hopefully not that the blond is totally nuts. Cuz’ between us girls, that’s what she’s worried about.

But really, there’s little time to ponder one’s nuttiness. We have parties to roll to and Truck Stops to make and food to cook and people to feed. I know the blond has said it here before, no one is getting rich (except maybe Roy Choi) with food truck ownership. But we are building something. We are making friends and putting ourselves out there and growing every month. The blond knew she had to start somewhere, and this pink taco truck knows that this somewhere was the right place. I hope you are having as much fun as we are.  Even through the hard work and long hours, there’s nothing the blond would rather be doing. And no group of 4 she’d rather be doing it with.

And with that, I’m out. It’s a beautiful rainy afternoon and all the dust from the last week has been washed off me and I am ready to start fresh again tomorrow.

Be well, stay tuned and eat more truck food.


Tina the Pink Taco Truck


Eat Comida