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Paying Homage…. Saying Thanks!

Today marks the end of an era in the world of Comida. When I tell you that there has been no shortage of tears, I tell you the truth. Jovee signed on with me as my right hand man on March 23, 2010. Since that day, he has been beside Tina and I. He has been what every owner would ever want in a right hand. He has gone above and behind the call of duty so many times I could not possibly share it all here. There are simply not words to express my gratitude for this man. The guy I called the Dude, my buddy, my confident, my backbone, my friend. Sometimes the pain in my ass I simply could’t shake. Here a just a few snippets of the crazy and hilarious times we experienced as we started Comida, together.

– First day out/ Terri Cox’s party/ turned Tina on and she burned my ponytails and singed my eyelashes. Service began… we put out better food than people ever imagined.

-Driving to Aspen/ white knuckle driving by yourself, 2 times (4 if you count each way) you, hand out the window, offering people tacos on the way up I-70.

-Learning that we always need the ladder, we always need the cooler, we always need a lighter, we always need the cover on jenny! (door is close for generator…., window falling out of casing just as I said, ” Gosh Jovee, I’m not sure that window is secure.” “We can see it all from way up here” “I taught english in Jamaica man…” “Peaches falling out the back of Tina, slow motion… it took and hour” “offering an orange in a time of need” “The dirts, the garbage dumpster, the wind, the snow, the rain, the heat, the cold, the frozen toes, hands, burned eyelashes, burned corneas, situation DOWN! Situation Overnight….

-I go out of town and Jenny breaks. You spend all day underneath her, fixing her.

-countless runs for propane.

-the coldest night after Thanksgiving.

-Same thing every day…

-1000 tacos, 200 people, 45 minutes. I have to sing.

-The cops, the douche bags, the good ones. City council meetings. Being illegal for a year. The guy that pretended to be a security guard. Figuring out how to make lemonade from lemons so many times… and we did it. Together.

For you… Jovee. I will miss you. Please don’t be a stranger. May you find all the joy you are seeking. May you find warmth on snowy mornings, a cold pool at the end or middle of any hot day, time with your wife you may not have had due to Tina’s needs, and mine, and may you keep on living the dream. I was sure honored to be a part of that for the time we had. All my love.


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