Denver · Aurora

Week Two

So far this has been a totally fascinating process for the 3 of us.  We spent the last week going to Industrial Parks. We fed a bunch of really great people who either came in search of us or just happened to see the truck in all her pinkness. We are applying for certain permits that will hopefully allow us to legitimately be a few locations besides Industrial Parks, but for now we are sticking to what we know is kosher with the city ordinances as we understand them. Our experience after the first week of being asked to stop service on Pearl Street has us really thinking…. how can we make this little pink truck work in a town that partly embraces the food truck scene and loves the food we are making and also seems scared of the potential for food trucks being a more prevalent part of culinary culture in Boulder County?  We really look forward to the opportunity to sorting through it all, but our main focus needs be to serve great food from the window to those that want it. Comida can’t wait for others to get their trucks and trailers (airstreams and the like) started. The Daily Camera wrote a great article about StrEAT Chefs and the good people behind it with a small mention of Comida. We are thrilled to be a part of something new (albeit controversial) in Boulder County and truly look forward to supporting others who are a part it.  If you are reading this you are likely in support and my hope is that you talk about it. I know there are far bigger issues to ponder and truck food may not be about saving the world or cleaning up other people’s messes, but it’s what we’re doing. And we’re proud of it.

Stay tuned, be well and eat more truck food.


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