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What’s True?

I write this in the wake of some really wonderful press from a number of different news sources around Colorado. Yesterday I woke to a front page article in The Daily Camera. Squealing and high-fiving my husband at about 7 am on a Sunday morning made me pretty much the most excited person on the block at that hour. I had been called the week before and asked if we served in East Boulder County. I said we were trying really hard to stay in our own hometown of Boulder (we love it here, we live here after all) but might end up out in Erie and Lafayette if we couldn’t get some clarification on mobile vending in The City of Boulder.  From there the interview was set for the next morning. We were all pretty excited.

The next day I picked up The Westword. The Westword is a Denver based mag/ newspaper and the cover was all about Mobile vending. Pretty cool. As it turns out, people are pretty psyched to see more mobile vending available and there are some really cool trucks making truly delicious food of all varieties.

When it came to talking about Comida  The Westword mentioned that I “brought Proto’s and Mateo and Radda to Boulder.” And while it couldn’t be more true that I co-founded Proto’s Pizza with Pam Proto, I can’t take credit for bringing anyone Mateo and Radda. So, just in case you are reading this and had been confused, maybe this will clear it up a bit.

And the one other thing I wanted to clear up, and since this is a blog I figure it to be the right place to do it, is the first line of the Camera Article. It states that I plunked down $100 K to convert a used DHL step van into the Mobile vending truck that it is. While partially true, I feel I need to give credit where credit is due. I was fortunate enough to have 3 amazing women in my life who all believed in the little pink truck that could. Without these 3, Comida would still be yellow and sitting in a yard in East Brunswick New Jersey where she came from. The conversion of the truck from a delivery truck to a food truck cost about $65 K. The rest of our expenses have been for pots and pans and food and salaries and all the things that make a business go. Since I think one can never say thank you enough, I will say it again now. Donna, Deborah and Pam…. you all rock!


Stay tuned, be well and eat more truck food.


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