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Four Mile Fire

I was in the middle of making short ribs on Monday when the sky changed colors. I hopped off the truck and the sky was glowing orange. That was the beginning. The plume of smoke rising from the mountains just behind our commissary was intense. It looked like a bomb had gone off. Over the course of the day the ash started to fall like snow and the smell was like no camp fire I have ever been warmed by. The fire spread and friends were evacuated over the course of the day. Life takes on a different quality when something so catastrophic happens in your community. And life and work on Tina seems really odd. But we were safe, our homes were safe, our animals curled up on the couch.  The thing we though of immediately… “How can we help.” And amazingly, it seems like the first question on everyone’s minds. People in our small town have poured their efforts, money, cooking, hours into helping in whatever way they can. It has been beautiful and awesome. Last night we took the truck to the reservoir to feed some of the firefighters.  (Tina’s idea, she has a thing for firemen)  A few friends joined us and we parked outside the gates and screamed free tacos and fed men and women on the trucks as they were starting and ending their 12 hour shifts. We could see the piles of non-parishable food and drink that people had been bringing all day. Tonight we will join with Common Threads and StreAt Chefs and raise money to help Evacuees of the fire.  It is great to be a part of a community like Boulder where giving seems second nature. We are just a few on our little Comida team, but our hearts go out to everyone who has been effected by the fire. We are here to help and thank each of you who have donated or pitched in. Be creative, think outside the box. There are lots of things we can each do. We hope to see you tonight at the party. That’s what it’s going to be! 4-8 pm in front of Common Threads on Spruce Street just off of 28th Street.  It will be the first time in Boulder that Tina gets to park beside another food truck (well, Airstream, but you get my drift!) She’s excited. I bet she’s up in her closet right now getting ready. I better go make sure she looks good! See you later!

Stay tuned, be well and eat more truck food.


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