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Fall already!

I find myself saying this a lot lately, but where did our friend Summer go? We live for summer, but after 1 1/2 years in business, I can gratefully say, we do not die by her when she leaves. My favorite and most asked question is still “Is it hot in there?” followed quickly by “Do you have air conditioning?” Both are funny to all of us. “Yes, it’s really hot. We love it!” and “No, definitely no to the AC question”. My friend Drew has AC on his Sweet Cow truck. So trick and fly and I am more than a little jealous, but Tina, she’s just hot. And so we sweat, and laugh and sing and holler and shout and sell tacos. And make friends. We’re still doing that. Thanks so much to all of you who keep coming out to us, waiting in line, sitting on the ground, all of it. There were more than a few new trucks that opened this summer and it has been great to build this community of mobile vending with them. And lately, once again, there has been a surge of people calling and writing and asking….. hey, who’d you do it? Can you give me your business plan? How much did you spend? How did you know how to build your truck? How did you make your route? find places to go? decide on your menu? pick your outfit this morning? I am floored each time I open one up. Honestly, I respond to some. Always to friends, sometimes because they ask really nicely. But for real!? In my experience of opening restaurants and now Comida, I asked some questions,but mostly I went to work. I worked for people who were smart, and I listened and took notes. But I worked. And I made mistakes. Mistakes that cost me so much money I frequently want to throw up in my mouth when I think about them. But that is what you do. People that think that opening a restaurant is fun and seems like a great idea almost never really know WTF is up. It is fun, and maybe like one Sunday every 5 months it’s easy, but most, as in like 85% of restaurants fail. In the first year. I know this because as I try to grow my business and I go to banks and ask for lines of credit, SBA loans, 10 extra dollars for whatever, they remind me of it.

But whatevs…. business is business, and life has a funny way of throwing curve balls and getting your attention. And so here we are, and for today, all we have to do is sell tacos. Make Comida, sell Comida, love Comida. And so that is what we will do. Today, September 19, 2011. Make, sell, love.

Have a good one! And as always…

Be well, stay tuned and eat more truck food!


Eat Comida