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A day in the life of Tina/ part 1

Dear Diary,

Each day begins much the same. I am greeted on the early side by the blond one. She’s the one who brought me here, saved me from New Jersey and all that went along with that place. She wrapped me in pink vinyl and turned me into a rolling commercial kitchen. Before I just delivered packages for DHL. I was bright yellow (didn’t do a thing for my eyes!) and while I weighed a little bit less than I do now, I was bored. No longer though.  Every day in a new adventure in my world these days.

She opens the big door and lets all the light shine into the Cantina. That’s what they call the place they park me. It’s not super big but I manage to fit (with a 1/2 inch to spare at the ceiling) into it quite well. She pulls me out and parks me right beside the little makeshift garden they made out of a bunch of trash and random doors they found lying there. It’s a pretty good view from there. She gets me situated, turns on the propane, lights everything up and then just sits and stares at me. I don’t know why… but this happens every day. She sips her tea and stares…. and smiles. I think she likes me. She looks happy.

The dude (that’s what I call him, he looks like some crazy Italian rockabilly thug if you can imagine that) shows up after her. He stares quite a bit as well come to think of it. The next couple of hours are spent filing me with food for the day. The blond one finishes prepping anything that still needs to be done for lunch service and the dude goes bananas on my stove.

I have a pretty sweet 6 burner range with a big oven, flat top griddle, grill, 2 steam tables, a hot box for holding things at temp, a sandwich prep, standing reach in, 3 compartment sink, hand sink, ASPEX POS system, and a bunch of storage. There are funny things they learned about me in the beginning.  Like when they were cooking one day with all the burners going and the blond one started smelling smoke. I kept trying to tell them I was getting too hot. My wall right next to the stove is actually just plywood wrapped in quilted stainless steel. No one knew that of course and couldn’t have even imagined it since that really doesn’t make sense. But, back in New Jersey that was what they did to me. I have a few names for them I won’t mention here. Any who… there I was smoldering away until they dowsed me with a bunch of water. That was followed by a bunch of other name calling from the dude. But I digress.

Once I am locked and loaded they switch me over to the generator and we drive away. The blond one usually drives unless we are driving to Aspen or parking in a tough spot. Then she makes the dude do it. He’s a very good driver and she gets nervous sometimes, I can tell. There is almost always a 3rd person they bring along as well. This person changes, but has always been super cool and kind to me. Those 2 definitely can’t do it all by themselves!! We usually get to our lunch spot by 11:15. They try to be prompt but I’m a truck after all. Sometimes I take time outs when they least expect it. There was this one time they filled my oven with about 60 lbs of pork and short ribs and didn’t bungie cord my door shut. That was a big hot mess!  It seems like they learn things the hard way often. I don’t mean to chuck them under the truck or anything… but jiminy crickets!!

The lunch spot changes every day. At first this was a total nightmare for them. After that whole police business the first week they really didn’t know where to go.  They were told they could go to office and industrial parks, but that didn’t sound super fun at first. As it turns out, they love it!  I know they are really looking forward to the City of Boulder creating some ordinances that allow us to go to parks and certain streets closer into town, but the people out at the places we go are awesome! There are even a lot of people that drive out to the places we go just to eat Comida. I know they really appreciate how awesome people have been. There has been a lot of community support for Comida.

Actually, there has been a lot of community support for food trucks in general. As far as I am concerned (not that anyone asked little old me) the more the better! I got to hang out with some other food trucks in Denver the other day and loved it! Something about being with your own kind. I don’t know. I think people would love to go to an area in town where a bunch of trucks were all parked together.  More on that whole story on another day.

I will write more later, I promise.

Stay tuned, be well and eat more truck food.



Eat Comida