Denver · Aurora
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Road Trippin’


photo 4This summer I did something I have never done before…. rented an Airstream and drove with my man, his kids, and our two dogs across the country. In those nine days we ate out only once. Every other meal was cooked in the Airstream kitchen or eaten at a family members home. That’s 26 meals and a bunch of snacks for the record.


Instead of ticking off our list of places we’ve dreamt of eating at around the country, we ate at the same place with a different view every several hundred miles. We started by filling the fridge with all of the things we would have had to throw away if we had left on a normal vacation for nine days. Total bonus! After that we stopped at local markets (and sometimes great big weird country mega-stores) and shopped day to day.

photo 2

Not once did we get tummy aches or feel stuffed from crap fast food. From tomato soup and grilled cheese to skirt steak fajitas. Big beautiful salads, pasta puttanesca, and fresh cinnamon rolls and coffee in the morning…..and of course the occasional coin margarita and Budweiser. We ate and drank well.  One year ago last week, we opened Comida at the Source in Denver. This trip was such a great way to cap off the year. I owe a huge thank you to my amazing staff that kept Comida rocking while we rolled across America. So grateful! Here’s to them, to the end of summer, to more vacations that fill you up without being filling, and to my awesome travel partners.



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