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Our First Week

We had an amazing first week and want to say thank you to all of you who came in search of Comida! Some of you even had lunch with us 4 out of our 5 days (and no I am not including my husband.)  We really appreciate all of your positive feedback and will get a schedule worked out in the next week so that you can know where to expect us.  At this point we will be spending most of our lunches out at Industrial Parks around Boulder.  In addition, we have booked a bunch of Truck Stops at people’s homes and look forward to attending as many Festivals and Bike races and Garage sales and  Tail Gating parties and … well, you get the point. We learned a lot this week. It only took 2 days of parking downtown to be asked to stop service by the Boulder Police (I’ve heard it’s better to ask forgiveness than permission doesn’t always work as it turns out) but we are going to work really hard to try and figure out a way to bring Comida to the people that want it in places that don’t ruffle any other business owners feathers and still brings a bunch of good clean fun to Boulder.  We more than recognize how hard business owners downtown are working to make their store fronts work (something they have done for many years….providing great food and community support) and in no way meant to step on anyone’s toes. We whole heartedly apologize to those who’s toes we did!  The Food truck scene in other cities has been a huge community builder as well and they have provided a less expensive and outside of the box way to try all different kinds of cuisines. From comfort food to crazy Korean tacos to french fry trucks to cupcake trucks other cities are figuring out ways to embrace truck culture. Comida looks forward to creating a space in Boulder where this can work as well. Other cities have plots of land where multiple food trucks park regularly in “Pods” and many cities let trucks park on private property. Should you have any feed back (positive or otherwise) we would love to hear it.

We are having a friends and family party up at our warehouse space tomorrow and will be closed on Monday as well to try and figure out more permitting issues.  We will see you again on Tuesday.

Stay tuned, be well and eat more truck food!


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