Denver · Aurora
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Our first Day!

Our first day on the road is coming up. We are planning on being in the Steel Yards for lunch on Monday, May 17th! We couldn’t be more excited and are working really hard to make it all happen. Our little team includes me (Rayme Rossello), Jovee and Rachel Woolcott. We have had so much fun setting things up. I love showing up to work every day and don’t even get me started about what it feels like to drive to truck down the road. Even after learning all that we did on sites like https://howtohome.com/ about all the ways we could stock up on clever kitchen equipment, I can’t say I ever imagined I would drive a used Box Truck filled with Kitchen Equipment, EVER!

But here we all are doing just that. We park the truck over night in our warehouse space up in North Boulder (just behind the North Boulder Center for the Performing Arts). We are planting a little flower garden beside the space and have a sitting area under this little tree. Sounds silly but it all has just worked a little bit at a time. We cook on the truck as it sits LEVEL beside the sitting area and go in and out from the warehouse as we prep. The warehouse is well organized and stocked with food now and smells GOOD! Tomorrow (Saturday, May 15) we are cooking for a private Truck Stop Event. It’s our first. Now that the snow is behind us, we should have clear skies and a great day to help our friends celebrate.

Stay tuned. Be well. Eat more Truck food!

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