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Lemon Sponge Cake Ballet Benefit at Tesla

What an awesome week! We knew things would be a little busier this week, but who could have really imagined what was about to happen. I remember reading Patrick O’Connell’s cook book from The Inn at Little Washington years ago and him telling a story of what happened after The New York Time’s reviewed them the first time. I know… The Daily Camera is not The New York Times, and our little pink truck is not the acclaimed Inn, but still. There are things that change a business, and this was one.

We loved seeing a line out the window for more than 2 1/2 solid hours at CP+B and then again the next day and the next at our other stops. There is nothing quite like being on the truck with Jovee and Rachel as we work together. It’s fun and hotter than you know what (we love it when people ask if we have air conditioning!??!) and we have been able to get people their food with in just a few minutes almost every single time. And…. we continue to learn each day how to be more efficient and make more friends. We started selling fish tacos this week (ridiculously delicious if you ask me) and promptly sold out each day we served them.

On Thursday night we brought the truck to help raise money for The Lemon Sponge Cake Ballet. We gave away tacos and gorditas and other yummies for a couple of hours as we were parked on the corner of 9th and Pearl beside Tesla, where the benefit took place. Richard Betts donated a bunch of wine and Sombra cocktails and we donated food and had a bunch of fun. It wouldn’t be a downtown Comida Stop with out a visit from Boulder’s finest however. Just as most of the guests went inside to enjoy the dance performance I spotted a police officer out of the corner of the window. My heart started to race and the same sinking feeling I felt during our first week came over me. Let me say first, she couldn’t have been a nicer police officer. As she asked me to step off the truck she was apologizing for doing so. I let her know immediately we WERE GIVING AWAY FOOD TO HELP RAISE MONEY, she said she understood but someone had called the cops again and she was obligated to ask questions. I said something like “this sort of thing scares the crap out of me. We are trying so hard to do the right thing and follow the rules.” She just needed to see our Health Dept. permit which I showed her promptly and she again apologized and went on her way.  The damage was done however. Jovee, Rachel and I were all affected and what should have been a great end to the evening turned a little sour for all of us. We finished up or service, fed some more people and went on our way. The up side, because there is always an upside if you look hard enough…. the people at Tesla were psyched and appreciative and we got to be a part of the community as more people learned about us and what we do.

We haven’t heard from the city regarding the meeting they were supposed to have had last Tuesday. I will give them a call this week and will keep you posted. In the mean time, we are figuring out how to make all this work. This next week will be pretty mellow as we prep up and get ready to head to Aspen for the big Food and Wine weekend. We are serving for 2 private Truck Stops on Thursday and Friday. It should be quite an adventure getting the pink truck up all of those hills.

Stay tuned, be well and eat more truck food.


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