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Cantina Menu


Comida means food, and our roots are street food, honest and real. Food we have been passing out the window of our big pink vending truck. At the Comida Cantina you will find much of the same and then some. We offer simple Mexican flavors done in a unique and flavorful way. Everything is hand made with care using the best ingredients we can source.

GF = Gluten Free

Comida Cantina Bar Menu

Happy Hour Menu

Brunch Menu (Sundays – Denver Only)

¡buen provecho!

Antojitos – Street Snacks

Salty Roasted Jalapeños $3 GF

Queso Fundido $8 (add chorizo, bacon or hot dogs for 2 each) served with chips

Chips and Comida Guacamole $8 GF 

“Loaded” – Pepitas, dried cranberries, bacon, cotija cheese $10

Chips and Comida Salsas (choose 3 of the following) $6 GF
Comida salsa, pineapple habañero salsa, cucumber jalapeño crema, carrot habañero salsa, salsa verde, pico de gallo

Jicama and Cucumber $4 GF served with chile and lime

Not ‘Yo Nachos $12 GF Comida House Chips, blend of cotija, smoked gouda and asadero cheeses, black beans, avocado and tomatillo chile verde (add shrimp, steak OR bacon for $5, chorizo OR chicken for $4)

Tacos, Tostadas y Gorditas ~ 

Tacos are served on soft corn tortillas, Tostadas are served on crispy flat corn shell, Gorditas are served in a warm masa pocket

Stella’s Pork Carnitas Slow cooked pork shoulder in Stella Artois over smoked gouda sweet potato mash with pineapple habañero salsa

Marinated Fish GF Daily fish selection marinated in serranos and lime with orange jalapeño slaw and the business

*Arrachera GF Grilled skirt steak over refritos with roasted onions, pico de gallo, house crema and cotija

*Camerones a la Diabla GF Spicy shrimp over jalapeño grits with pico de gallo, avocado, lime, house crema and cotija

The Situation Slow cooked sirloin in Negra Modelo over smoked gouda sweet potato mash with roasted onions and house crema

Chorizo and Red Onion Escabeche GF Over roasted garlic mash with salsa verde, house crema and cotija

Chimayo Chile Roasted Chicken and Poblano Tostada GF Served over refritos with asadero, roasted poblanos, the business and crema Rajas y Crema Gordita

Roasted poblano and onion with house crema, green cabbage and lime

Sombra Shroom Tostada GF  Slow cooked mushroom in Sombra Mezcal over roasted garlic mash with house crema and cotija

Chorizo and Onion Gordita Polidori Chorizo and red onions escabeche with roasted garlic mash, salsa verde and crema

Griddled Tacos ~ 

Griddled soft corn tacos made with cotija, smoked gouda and asadero and topped with salsa verde and crema

Bacon and Jalapeño GF $4

Stella’s Pork Carnitas $4

Chimayo Chile Roasted Chicken GF $4

Sombra ‘Shroom GF $3

Pico de Gallo GF $2.5

*These items may be served raw or undercooked based on your specification, or contain raw or undercooked ingredients. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.

Tortas (Sandwiches) ~ $13 each

Served on a crusty warm Mexican roll with your choice of side

*Arrachera Grilled skirt steak with tomatillo chile verde, queso fresco and red onion escabeche

The Situation Slow cooked sirloin in Negra Modelo with roasted onions, limy green cabbage and queso fundido

Marinated Fish Daily fish selection marinated in serranos and lime with orange jalapeño slaw and the business

Mexi Mess ~ 

(big ole’ bowl of classic Comida eats)

The Mess includes Comida rice, limy green cabbage, your choice of black beans or refried beans and your choice of protein or veg.  Served with corn tortillas, salsa and topped with cotija and crema

$9  (pick 1 only)
Sombra Shrooms, Roasted Poblano and Onion with Crema, Seasonal Vegetables

$10  (pick 1 only)
Sirloin Situation, Chimayo Chile Roasted Chicken, Stella’s Pork Carnitas

$13 (pick 1 only)
Tender Belly Bacon, Spicy Shrimp,  Grilled Skirt Steak

Quesadillas ~ 

Griddled flour tortilla made with cotija, smoked gouda and asadero cheeses.Topped with crema and served with salsa on the side

*Huevos y Refritos with Comida Salsa $8

Chimayo Chile Roasted Chicken with Comida Salsa $8

Sombra Shroom with Salsa Verde $8

Pico de Gallo with Comida Salsa $8

Poblano and Black Beans with Comida Salsa $8

Fish and Refritos with the Business $10

Chorizo and Red Onion Escabeche with Salsa Verde $8

*Arrachera and Roasted Onion with Pico de Gallo $10


Black Beans and Rice w/cotija $3 GF

Rice and Refritos w/cotija $3 GF

Jalapeño Grits w/cotija $3 GF

Vegetable Escabeche $3 GF

House Rice $3 GF

Smoked Gouda Sweet Potato Mash w/cotija $3 GF

Orange Jalapeño Slaw $3 GF

Roasted Garlic Mash w/cotija $3 GF

All of our pork and bacon comes from Tender Belly and our Chorizo is from Polidori. Additionally, we are proud to work with as many local farmers as we can throughout the year.



House Made Horchata $4

Agua De Jamaica $3

Comida Tea $3

House Made Limeade $3

House Made Pomegranate Lemonade $3

Mexi Coke (bottle) $2

Jarritos (bottle) $2

Ginger Beer $3

Grapefruit Ginger $3

Watermelon Agua Fresca $4

Pineapple Agua Fresca $4

Boylan’s Sodas $2


For parties of 8 or more a 20% gratuity will be added to the check